Causes and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Causes and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

The _inability to sustain or reach an erection [] for sexual intercourse is known as, erectile dysfunction. It may also be when an erection is achieved but is unable to stay firm to perform a sexual act. What causes it has found to be an assortment of reasons:

* Medications

* Chronic illness

* Poor circulation to the penis

* Overuse of alcohol

* Being overly tired

It doesn’t have to be a reason for concern if erection trouble only occurs occasionally. If it becomes an ongoing problem, however; it will lead to other health related issues such as; affecting your self-confidence, stress, and could affect a relationship. The fact that one cannot achieve an erection could mean there are other health issues involved that require treatment. Erectile dysfunction could mean there is an underlying issue that could put one at risk for heart disease down the road. The condition can often be reversed if treated early so one should not be embarrassed to talk with their physician about any concerns they have.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Persistent symptoms [] of erectile dysfunction are:

* Reduced or no sexual desire

* Getting an erection but have trouble keeping it

* Are not able to get an erection

There are other concerns that may be related to erectile dysfunction such as premature or delayed ejaculation known as, ejaculatory dysfunction. If one suffers from heart disease, diabetes or other health related issues it may cause erectile dysfunction.

What is the cause of erectile dysfunction?

The male arousal is a complicated process involving hormones, nerves, the brain, muscles, emotions, and blood vessels. When anyone of these is not functioning properly it can cause a dysfunction. When one is experiencing unusual stress or mental health it will also affect an erection. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a combination of both psychological and physical issues. If one is suffering a minor physical condition that causes a sexual response to be slow could trigger anxiety that may result in erectile dysfunction.

The main reason for erectile dysfunction is related to something physical. Common causes are:

* High cholesterol
* High blood pressure
* Heart disease
* Clogged blood vessels
* Tobacco
* Alcoholism
* Obesity
* Diabetes
* Metabolic syndrome
* Medications
* Sleep disorders
* Parkinson’s disease
* Peyronie’s disease

There are also psychological reasons that can affect a man’s performance in a sexual act. The brain plays an important part as it triggers a series of physical events needed for an erection. Beginning with feelings of sexual desire there are a number of things that can interfere and cause or worsen an erectile dysfunction. If a man is feeling depressed, anxious, or suffering other mental condition it will affect his erection. Stress plays a large part in erectile dysfunction as do relationship problems.

Are there treatments for erectile dysfunction?

There are _treatments for erectile dysfunction [] and the first is a group of drugs called, PDE-5 inhibitors. These are pills a male can take approximately 30 minutes prior to sex. The most known of these inhibitors is, Viagra. These have to be prescribed by a physician who will have to ensure one’s heart is healthy enough for the use of the medication.

Another form of treatment is a vacuum device. This is a mechanical device that can produce an erection for men who do not want to use medications. To reach an erection with the vacuum, it is sealed around the penis so that it draws blood up. The blood is prevented from leaving with the use of a band so the penis remains erect long enough for penetration. These devices do lack in spontaneity and can cause bruising to the penis, tissue damage, and coldness of the tip of the penis.

A surgical implant would be the last option. The prosthesis is surgically implanted and is able to be inflated by a fluid when needed.

There are a few other remedies men have tried to treat their erectile dysfunction that can be discussed with a physician. Before trying any over-the-counter remedies one should also talk about their issue with their physician as there could be many different factors that are causing the dysfunction. Men are often reluctant to discuss this condition and often do not get the treatment they need. Getting diagnosed and receiving treatment can help men return to a healthy sexual lifestyle.